'O Fortuna! 400 Years of Choral Classics'

Saturday 13th November 2021


O Fortuna!, covering four centuries of music, includes a quantity of the familiar, though the titles may not mean so much to the not-so-regular concert-goer. If you don’t think you know Lakmé, you do know the British Airways theme; you’ll remember Nessun Dorma from Italia 90

Football World Cup, or have heard Pavarotti sing it; you may not know the Allegri Miserere, but the famous moment with the fantastic solo top C won’t have passed you by; Karl Jenkins’ Cantate Domino started life as Adiemus; Barber’s Agnus Dei is a choral version of his Adagio for Strings, famously featured in the movie Platoon; and O Fortuna itself, from Orff’s Carmina Burana, has graced many a soundtrack, and even featured for years on X Factor.

O Fortuna! hero image-page-001.jpg

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