‘PYGMALION’ (1938)

Sunday 5th December 2021

3pm (doors open 2.30pm)


The snobbish and intellectually superior Professor Henry Higgins takes a bet with a friend that he can turn cockney flower seller and market trader Eliza Doolittle into a ‘proper lady’ in a mere six months. However, he discovers that this will involve dealing with a human being with ideas of her own.

This delightful comedy of bad manners based on George Bernard Shaw’s play was scripted by Shaw himself, edited by David Lean and directed by Anthony Asquith and Leslie Howard.

It was the inspiration for Lerner & Loewe’s ‘My Fair Lady’ and is a classic adaptation.


STARRING: Leslie Howard, Wendy Hiller with Wilfred Lawson, Marie Lohr, Scott Sunderland, Jean Cadell, David Tree.


RUNNING TIME: 1hr 31mins


Black & White

♦ To book, ring 07814 970945. Seats are not numbered. However, places can be reserved for groups of 4 or more.

♦ Pay at the door: £5. We are unable to accept card payments. Please bring cash.

♦ Refreshments available (Tea, Coffee, Wine, Soft Drinks, Biscuits). Cash only please.


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